Introducing Blaudio Case

The only MFI factory-built iPhone case that comes with a headphone jack.

Introducing Blaudio Case

The only MFI factory-built iPhone case that comes with a headphone jack.

Blaudio Case Brings Back the Jack

The only MFI factory built and test-proven iPhone case that has a headphone jack, delivering unbeatable quality with true innovation.

Blaudio Features:

Slim One Piece Case with 3.5mm Jack

No more dongles needed!

Simply Charge, Sync, and Listen

Charge and sync while listening with your headphones at the same time.

Headphone Media Controls

Play and stop your favorite music, as well as answer a call when on the go!

iOS 12+ Compatibility

Available for the iPhone 7 and 8 including plus models.

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How Blaudio Case Was Born

When Apple released its new details about the iPhone 7 and the lack of headphone jack, I knew right away the Apple community was not going to be happy. It was just annoying having to carry around an extra adapter to listen to music on the way to work, listen to aux in the car and not being able to charge the phone, couldn’t listen to music while charging etc.

After discussing a few ideas about creating a splitter to be able to listen to music and charge, we thought about combining this idea into a phone case. So we set out to relaunch our idea over the next few months hitting hurdle after hurdle until one day we finally brainstormed a concept that was never done before, and Blaudio Case was born.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to buy a Blaudio Case, but would like to know more about the product?

You can reach out using the contact form to ask any questions you have.

What phones does the Blaudio Case currently support?

Blaudio Case is built for the iPhone 7 & 8 including Plus models and will be adding the iPhone X and newer models shortly.

What type of headphones is Blaudio Case compatible with?

Any type of wired headphones will work with our case.

Can Blaudio Case charge and listen at the same time?

Yes, please plug your charger into the phone first then insert your wired headphone or aux cable.

Can Blaudio case be used to talk on calls?

Yes, as long as your headphones have a mic, it will work to take on phone calls.

What kind of warranty do I get with my Blaudio case?

Blaudio comes with a 6 Month warranty from purchase date.

What should I do if I am having an issue with my warranty?

Please use our contact form and provide additional details so we can assist in your claim.

I'm having an issue with the way the product works, what can I do?

Please use the contact form to request support for your issue.